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Why Cyprus?
A unique combination of business and pleasure.

Quality of Life

  • / Top 5 safest countries in the world
    —Value Penguin, 2015
  • Safest country for young people 
    —The Guardian, 2017

  • / Best island economy 2017/2018
       Lifestyle & Human Capital
    —fDi magazine, 2017
  • / One of the best climates worldwide
  • / Most blue flag beaches per capita in the EU
  • / Bathing water quality ranked excellent
    —EEA Report, 2016
  • / Rich history and culture


Economic Performance

/ Impressive growth of 3.5% in 2017
    / 50% higher than the EU average (2,2%) 
    / the best results of the last decade
   —European Commission, Nov. 2017

/ GDP: 11 Quarters with positive growth recorded
/ Consecutive upgrades by credit rating agencies
/ Sustainable growth of around 3% in the coming years
  —Moody’s, 2017


International Reach

/ Cyprus ranked 2nd Best Performing National Brand
—Brand Finance, 2017

/ A robust and modernized business hub with easy 
   access to a market of 500 million EU citizens 
/ A reliable partner within the European Union 
   that can offer competitive benefits and solid 
   business solutions
Air Connectivity
/ Proximity and easy access to major markets
/ Significant increase of arrivals from 7.0 million in
   Q1 2015 to 10.2 million passengers in Q2 2017 
/ 32 additional airlines flying to Cyprus
/ Air travel costs have dropped 38.6%

Personal Tax Incentives

Income Tax > €100,000/year
/ Exemption from personal income 
   tax of 50% for new residents of 
   Cyprus commencing employment 
   as from 1 January 2012
/ Applies for the first 10 years of 
   employment in Cyprus
Income Tax < €100,000/year
/ Exemption from personal income 
   tax of 20% for new residents of 
   Cyprus commencing employment.
/ Applies for the first 10 years of 
   employment in Cyprus
Exempt passive income for non-domiciled individuals 
/ Non-domiciled individuals who 
   are tax residents of Cyprus are 
   not subject to defence tax on the 
   following types of passive income 
   earned from sources both within 
   Cyprus or abroad, irrespective of 
   whether it is remitted to Cyprus
   or not:
      / Dividends
      / Interest
      / Rent


Start-up Incentives

/ Individual and Team Start-up visa scheme
/ Access to national and European grants and funding
/ Investments in innovative small businesses can be 
   deducted from taxable income, up to an annual limit 
   of €150,000
/ Technology companies producing IP can apply for an 
   80% tax exemption

Access to Talent

/ Local Talent
   / Youngest population and workforce in the EU
   / 55% of the workforce has a tertiary degree
   / Many Cypriots study abroad, mainly in UK, USA & 
   / Booming private education sector
   / 3 public and 5 private universities
/ Visa-free access to European talent
   / 240 million people of workforce in the EU
   / 4.7 million European university graduates per year
/ Easy access to global talent